Integrated policy

RAJASA DE CORO, S.A. is an organization dedicated to the production and distribution of food for human consumption and the storage and distribution of raw materials, we are committed to providing food that does not affect the health of the consumer, to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, to provide our staff a safe and socially responsible workplace, through:

  1. Effective communication with our stakeholders,
  2. Staff trained and aware of the importance of their work,
  3. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and those agreed with our clients and other interested parties,
  4. Analysis of safety hazards and control of critical points to prevent, reduce or eliminate them to acceptable levels,
  5. Reduction of the generation of waste and its separation, by promoting the practice of recycling.
  6. Ethical commercial relations and contracting and in compliance with the legislation and
  7. Prevention and control of the dangers that cause accidents and work-related illnesses.
  8. An active process of continuous improvement.